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All our students have the opportunity to discover interests in a variety of fields over their three years at Atascadero Middle School.


6th, 7th & 8th Grade students participate in an "Exploratory Wheel." These wheels are research-based and our high-engagement courses are selected based on the careers of the future.



















All 7th Grade Students Currently Enjoy: Digital Media Arts/ Photography & Design, Greenshop Construction & Design, Computer Programming, and Health & Wellness.

8th Grade Students Currently Enjoy: Digital Media Arts, Greenshop Construction & Exploratory Ag




Career Cruising

Students will explore various career pathway options using a comprehensive online program called Career Cruising.  Within this program students will participate in activities about careers, colleges, learning styles, goal setting, resumes, financial aid, career paths, working conditions, earnings, and more.  Each student will be given a username and password to access information throughout their middle school and high school years. Parents are also given a username and password to check in on their child’s progress.

Computer Programming

Students will explore the fundamentals of computer coding through areas such as logic, animation, and game development.  Students will utilize their creativity in problem solving, debugging, and telling stories through their computer code. They will develop effective communication and collaboration skills, working individually and collaboratively to solve problems and showcase their achievements.


Students analyze the role of music in past and present cultures throughout the world.  They will also study music theory, consisting of music notation and music terminology. They will use their creative skills to compose short pieces.  Lastly, students will be actively singing from various genres and cultures.

Design & Construction is a multidisciplinary woodworking class that combines traditional woodworking with alternative energies, sustainability, repurposing and design. Emphasis is given to projects that not only teach woodworking skills but that also provide students with the opportunity to bring their own unique perspective to the exploratory design process. Greenshop is intended to inspire creative thought and challenge students to explore the boundaries of design. Students can choose the type of projects that they would like to build based upon what interests them the most. Students will be working on their own individual projects as well as collaborating on group projects.

Design & Construction (6th grade)

In the Greenshop students will be learning how to use hand woodworking tools as well as two power tools to build a pair of Bongo Drums. Students will apply and model with mathematics while building their drums. They will learn how to glue, cut, sand, and apply clear coat finish. Students will then design artwork that they apply to their finished drums. We will conclude the class by learning how to play a variety of beats on the completed drums.

Health & Wellness

Digital Media Arts

Other Electives:


7th and 8th grade band students need to have one year prior experience in band. Band students also need to participate in several extra curricular events including: parades, county music festival, several night concerts and more.  If you have any questions, see Mr. Burrus in the band room 34.


If you like to sing, all it takes is a quick, no-pressure audition and you'll be placed in either Beginning or Advanced level chorus. In choir you'll learn to sing, perform like the pros, and how to read music. Your teacher will have information sheets a few weeks before auditions with all the details.

Spanish I

Spanish is a college-prep a-g requirement taught at an equivalent level of the high school level course.  It is a world language that is infused with grammar, language acquisition development, and cultural studies of Spanish speaking countries throughout the world.  Spanish I is a rigorous course and a "B" average is a prerequisite to join this class.

Yearbook (audition only; 8th grade)

Activities Leadership (audition only; 8th grade)

Support (selected based on team decision and/or demonstrated academic or behavioral need)

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