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Saint's Block is a 30 minute period during which all students receive targeted intervention in the areas of mathematics or English Language Arts. Groups are designed to reach learners at a certain level.  That is, if students require much reteaching on a concept, they are grouped with other students needing similar supports and will receive focused lessons on the topics they most need.  

All students walk to learn based on what they need -- no students are singled out, none are left out. They are moving to the location where the learning they need is happening.

Data is reviewed frequently (approximately every five weeks) to reformulate groups based on new needs/information.  Progress monitoring helps provide relevant, current information on learning and growth.

Groups range from intensive needs in ELA and math to enrichment (Encore), and everything in-between.

Placements into groups are objective and based on all the data available. Unlike with electives, student and parent requests for particular Saint's Block sessions, classes or Encore are not considered.

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