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AMS administration creates the master schedule by taking into account a number of site-based and district office level factors.  This planning starts in early spring and wraps up the week before school starts.  Over ninety-nine percent of student schedules are locked by the first day of school.  Any other changes are completed by the second week of school to ensure a smooth transition and stability for students and teachers.  In general, counselors assist the principal with scheduling, but making schedule changes after the second week of school is very rare. 


Examples of a Valid Schedule Change Request:

  • Missing a period (e.g. Missing periods 1-7)

  • Scheduled for a duplicate class (e.g. Science listed twice)

  • Missing a core class or elective (i.e. All students should have math, science, L.A., history, PE, and one elective)

  • Scheduled for the wrong grade level (e.g. A 7th grader in History 8)

  • Change requests coming from FST meetings

  • Change requests coming from teacher/parent to request Math or L.A. Support instead of another elective


Examples of Invalid Schedule Change Requests:

  • Changing a teacher (e.g. "I think Mr. XYZ really has a better teaching style for the way I learn." or "My child already knows Mrs. XYZ so I think it would be a better placement this year.")

  • Changing lunches

  • Changing to be with friends

  • Changing to have a class during a different time of day (e.g. "I really do better when I have PE 1st period, to get it out of the way.")

  • Requests for specific teachers can not be granted due to the nature of the scheduling process. Additionally, we received dozens upon dozens of such teacher-change requests and cannot possibly accommodate all of them, nor can we demonstrate favoritism of one request over another.

  • Invalid Schedule Change Requests are not permitted at AMS.

Thank you for your support and understanding with this process.

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