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Please read the AMS Handbook for a full list of our policies and procedures

Cell Phones




Students may use the school phone to call parents in case of emergency. Personal cell phones or smart watches are not to be used during school hours. Messages from parents/guardians will be delivered to students during school hours only in cases of emergencies. Because cell phones are not essential at school, school telephones are available for student use upon request. However, students may carry cell phones at their own risk. All cell phones must be turned off once a student enters the school boundaries and remain off at all times. Additionally, cell phones with cameras are a risk to students’ privacy rights on campus. Due to text and picture messaging, social media, and concerns about cheating on tests and quizzes, as well as privacy issues for students in locker rooms and restrooms, all cell phones, iPods, headphones, and all other electronic devices are to REMAIN OFF and out of sight while students are on campus unless directed by school personnel. AUSD and AMS are not liable for any lost, stolen or damaged electronic devices, even if the device was inside a locker or backpack.



● First Offense: Warning. The device may be given to office staff and the student may pick up the device at the end of the day.

● Second Offense: Parent Contact. The phone will be given to office staff and a parent will be contacted to

pick up the device.

● Third Offense: Parent Contact and a conference setup. The parent will be asked to come to the school to

discuss the phone/device privilege being suspended for a period of time. The device will be given to office staff

and a parent will be contacted to pick up the phone. The student may receive disciplinary consequences.

● Subsequent Offenses: Parent Conference. The phone will be returned to the parent.

● Earbuds are only to be used in the classroom when permitted by the teacher and are not to be visible or

in-use on school grounds. Earbuds will be given to office staff if they are visible and/or in-use outside of a classroom where they were permitted for use.



The Atascadero Unified School District feels strongly that students must be in class.  The value of the daily class interaction between teachers and their students cannot be duplicated or substituted in any way.  Each absence limits student potential to master the subject and be successful in the class. To increase total attendance and student success and to limit unexcused absences, truancy and tardies, this policy is in effect (BP 5114). When Do Absences Become a Problem? (Spanish)



A review of prohibited student conduct includes, but is not limited to: 1) Conduct that endangers students, staff, or others 2) Conduct that disrupts the orderly classroom or school environment 3) Harassment of students or staff, including bullying, intimidation, stalking, so-called “cyberbullying,” hazing or initiation activities, ridicule, extortion, or any other verbal or nonverbal, written, or physical conduct that causes or threatens to cause bodily harm or emotional suffering (B.P. 5131).

Students should immediately report and submit an Incident Report of conduct they consider to be bullying to a school counselor or site administrator.



AMS students are expected to follow school-wide expectations, AMS Five R’s, California Education Codes, AUSD and AMS policies. School rules reinforce these values. The resolution of academic and behavior problems is a joint effort between the students, parents/guardians, teachers, and school administrators. Subsequently, communication between students, parents/guardians, teachers, and school administrators shall be completed in a timely and respectful manner.

The goal of student discipline is to teach students to behave in ways that contribute to academic achievement, positive healthy relationships, school success, and to support a school environment where students and staff are responsible and respectful. Administration will follow district, school and Education Code guidelines. Staff shall enforce disciplinary rules fairly and equitably.



AMS students demonstrate personal responsibility in daily effort. Click Here for the Rubric.

8th Grade Promotion


Eighth grade students can participate in the June Promotion Ceremony and any related end of year 8th grade activities, as long as they maintain:


  • No more than one “F” in a core class during the second semester to be determined by 5/26/23 (a core class includes: Language Arts, History, Math, Science and Physical Education).

  • No more than one Unsatisfactory (U) citizenship grade in any class during the second semester to be determined by April 2023 progress report and teacher input, up until 5/26/23.

  • No “Improvement Contract” in progress as of 5/26/23.

  • No “Activity Suspension” in place. 

  • The parent and student have accepted the “Promotion Ceremony Criteria” through Aeries data confirmation.


Failure to meet the above criteria shall result in the student being excluded from all promotion exercises, activities, and ceremonies.


In addition to the above, any eighth grade student using, selling or possessing alcohol or illegal drugs during school or at any AUSD school sponsored activity will lose the privilege of participating in promotional activities and the ceremony. (AUSD Board Policy BP5127) 


An eighth grade student who is ineligible for the promotion ceremony due to BP5127 may participate in an 8 week program and then appeal the decision. 


REMINDER:  The parent AND student must accept the above policy through Aeries Data Confirmation

Due to promotion ceremony criteria, 8th grade students with more than one “F” at the end of the first semester, or more than one unsatisfactory (U) citizenship grade in any course at the end of the first semester, will be placed on an Improvement Contract.

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